The Automatic Gentlemen is an independent game studio somehow based in both Philadelphia and Seattle. It is comprised of Matthew Guido and John-Paul Yunque.

Matt is attending the DigiPen Institute of Technology and is majoring in Computer Science and Game Design. JP attends Drexel University and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Screenwriting.

Matt and JP met at their local community college in the spring of 2012. Bonding over a Breaking Bad joke made in class, the two became fast friends. A few months into their time of shared frolicking and japery, the duo founded their own small game company, The Automatic Gentlemen.

As far as who does what: JP likes to think up game ideas and work on audio/visual stuff and Matt likes to then take JP’s incoherent ramblings and scribbles and program them into something resembling a functioning game.

JP’s favorite video game is Mirror’s Edge. Matt’s favorite video game is Bioshock.

The Automatic Gentlemen (as they immensely enjoy being called) are currently working on their second game, Feudal.