Beta Testing

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Lunch War Header Image

We’re starting beta testing for Lunch War tomorrow!

If you’d like an exclusive first look mega-chance at playing Lunch War for hours on end to find bugs, then you can sign up using this link. After signing up, if you don’t get an approval email from Test Flight afterwards, it means we’ve hit capacity on all devices that we need to beta test on.

Once you’ve downloaded Test Flight on your smartphone/iPod/tablet, we’ll let you know when we have a build of the game up for you to download and play(Saturday evening at the latest).


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Checkin’ In #3

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Checkin' In #3

This is me right now.

Besides being stunned by Lunch War having an article on Game Informer, it’s made me… psyched out of my mind? Last night when it was first posted, I was definitely shaking; since sleeping on it, that feeling has turned into a steady motivational hum in the back of my mind, and it feels great.

Hey, did I mention before how someone on the Stencyl(the program Lunch War’s made in) forums found a way to significantly reduce lag in his game? It doesn’t look like I’ve brought that up before, so that is now a thing. Matt’s been rebuilding the game using this guy’s tips and it’s been a relief to see that, despite doubling our enemies since PAX,  the game runs a lot more smoothly now than it did a few months ago.

While Matt is working on that, I have the fun task of retooling Lunch War’s survival mode. Until now, it’s just been ten waves of increasing amounts of enemies, but we’ve introduced health and speed modifiers and I need to find out how those get along, in terms of game balance, with our new PAX-updated enemy numbers and controls.

There also are some announcer voice-overs that we recorded and might insert in an endearing “Wise Fwom Your Gwave” way, but that also depends on how well it fits in with the rest of the game. We will see!

Our post on the mobile games we’ve been playing is coming on Friday!


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Lunch War Video!

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So, the first video footage of our game now exists! Friends have played, PAX-goers have tried it out, and now the whole wide world can see… well, waves from the first level. And for some reason, recording the gameplay made it a little choppy.

But you know what? It’s Lunch War in motion, and that’s what counts. We figured that waiting to show it until the final release trailer would be too long(duh), so now there’s this little peek until we go all out on a longer video.

Next, we’ll be writing up a post about the mobile games we’ve been playing so far in 2013. For now, back to work!



Checkin’ In #2

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Checkin' In #3

Second Checkin’ In post! Man, what a two weeks and two days it has been.

The Lunch War gameplay changes we mentioned last post have been implemented and, much to our relief, performance is steady despite the doubled enemies in each wave. Which is great, because more enemies means more intense and exciting gameplay(as Dynasty Warriors has proven time and again).

Really though, we’re very pleased with the results and we’re psyched to show it off in our commentary/introductory video, which will be posted by Thursday on the site!



PAX East 2013

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Man, PAX East 2013 came and went like *that*. One moment, Matt and I(and some friends) were driving up there listening to some stand-up, and the next moment we’re somberly driving back, listening to some more stand-up, our chuckles tinged with nostalgia for the people and panels of PAX.

When we went last year, it was as mere students, naive enough to stand in ridiculous demo lines and only chatting up a few familiar faces. This year, we came equipped with Lunch War, as ambassadors of our foolish dream: to not get lost in the sea of freemium social games and poorly-localized clones available on the App Store. We had a site up, business cards made, and three-day passes bought well ahead of time.

Did we do okay? I think we made out okay. We showed Lunch War to many an amiable developer and fellow PAX-goer and caught up with friends made at last year’s convention and this year’s IndieCade East. We got a lot of positive and constructive feedback that we’re eager to put to good use “going forward with the Lunch War brand.”

It was a super great time, and we can’t wait to do it again next year! Hopefully with a booth like this guy.


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Previously On… Pax East(2012)

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It’s almost time for PAX East 2013 and what better way to ring in all the lanyard-wearing, panel note-jotting cheer than with by reliving the excitement of last year’s trip?

Here’s a small gallery of some nice folks we met while there:

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This Is A Blog Post, Hello

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Alright, sorry, I’ll never make a title that bad again.

Well hey, welcome! This is the first of many blog posts that Matt or I will be making on here chronicling all the adventures, downfalls, and phoenix-like rebirths of The Automatic Gentlemen.

Which is, hey also, our company! We formed this partnership(we had a guy draw up a document for it and everything, it’s great) to try and make games together, so if we make a bunch and people like them, it’ll all be detailed on this site.

…and if we don’t make a bunch and the ones we do end up making are terrible? Well, that’ll be on here too, like a cautionary tale: “Children, gather around and let me tell you about two small boys who made frequent Wawa runs and deluded themselves into thinking making pixel art mobile games was a good idea.”

So that’s that for now, more posts coming soon! In the meantime, let us tell you a bit about ourselves.



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