Checkin’ In #1

Posted on April 14, 2013 by

Checkin' In #3

We are starting our first post series today! Any accomplishments or updates we have going/have planned in the past two weeks will be rounded up in this neat, bi-weekly submission we’re calling “Checkin’ In.”

So at PAX East 2013, we were fortunate enough to get a lot of great feedback on our demo version of Lunch War from both game developers and PAX attendees. We’ve been right back at work since returning, making tweaks and changes to the game based on people’s suggestions. Namely, I’ve been implementing a slider to move Augusta, replacing our previous tilt controls, and streamlining code here and there(not exactly PAX feedback, but important nonetheless). JP in the meantime is revamping the sound effects and adding more wear/tear to the <50% health boss sprites.

The big comments we got were to make the player feel more involved, so we’re doubling the enemies, halving their health points, and adding more engaging, appropriate touch controls.┬áLater this week, I’ll make a video of the game and the changes we’ve made to it; it won’t really be a trailer, but more of a development-style video with me talking about what’s up with the new and improved Lunch War.