Checkin’ In #7

Posted on October 12, 2013 by

Checkin' In #3

Hey! We’re back!

So Lunch War! has been selling really well on iOS! Over two people have bought it in total, which is just – wow – more than we ever expected!! Anyways, let us tell you about what we’ve been up to recently and what we’re going to be doing in the next couple of months.

1. Matt is going to an Apple iOS 7 Tech Talk in New York City on the 16th and, even though they they don’t permit pictures or video, he’ll be sure to write a post on all that he has learned when he gets back(unless there’s some NDA that he is unaware of).

2. Lunch War is definitely still coming to Android, but we can’t say for sure when that will be. There are still problems with our engine that are being worked on, but Stencyl is tragically understaffed. As soon as the Android version is ready for release, we’ll let you know.

3. We’re making a second game! Crazy, right? We can’t give a ton of details right now(okay, any details really), but Matt’s going to be bringing a prototype version of it to the iOS Tech Talk to get feedback on, so stay tuned!

4. We also went to the Xbox One Tour in Philly to see some launch titles, and it was a blast! Forza and Killer Instinct looked amazing, and Ryse… had a really great announcer voice narrating your actions in the game’s gladiator arena!

5. I recently moved into my dorm at Drexel, and it’s pretty cool. All my classes are dandy and so are my suitemates and I’ve even made some new friends! There’s even a game developer’s club somewhere on campus, which I’ll have to snoop around for. After Matt finishes his final year at Mercer, he’s(probably) going to transfer here too and we’ll continue our illustrious careers, living in game-making harmony.