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Our second game ever is the strategy-minded Feudal. We thought for a long time about what we wanted to tackle next, from an outright PC/Console game to just a Lunch War! sequel and we arrived at something in between, in terms of scope and style.

With Lunch War!, we went to the arcade genre and looked for what gameplay tropes two young boys could try their hands at. Now, we went even farther back: to board games!

Feudal has knights and archers and towers and castles and a board. On it, buildings rise up out of the ground, units charge at one another, and deadly ambushes are executed, all bringing a sense of lively charm to classic board game mechanics in three distinct settings: Desert, Forest, and [Cool Samurai Theme].

Inspired by fond memories of Advance Wars coupled with an inspiration to be minimal on mobile (courtesy of Threes!), Feudal is the set of breezy bus ride battles we’ve always wanted to wage on our phones – and hopefully you will too!

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When deciding what our debut title should be, we strapped on our mining helmets to tap the richest vein of gaming nostalgia there is: arcades. Though shoot ’em up greats from the late 70s and early 80s were well before our time, they still got plenty of play whenever we would visit our beach’s boardwalks, eschewing fun in the sun in favor of the dark, loud, enticing glow of an arcade.

One day, we’ll be sure to make a next-generation title with a cover system, moral choices, and an open world, but for now, Lunch War! is not that game. What it is however, is the following great things:

Lunch War! is a game of apples. Green ones, red ones, yellow ones, you throw them all at the students invading your cafeteria.

– In it, you play as lunch lady Augusta Gudenov, who just wants to cook healthy food for the children of her school. However, a shipment of super-delicious fudgesicles has arrived and now the entire student body is at your door, eager for their fudgey goodness.

– You are armed with a basket of apples, a slushie machine(the screen-freezing power of the game), and a janitor that you can call in for backup. Facing off against an army of hungry nerds, bullies, jocks, and teachers, it’s up to you to keep them healthy and as far away as possible from those fudgesicles.

– With a retro art style, classic gameplay, and an incredible soundtrack by chiptune artist FantomenK, Lunch War! is a humorous take on the shoot ’em up formula coined by arcade classics like Space Invaders, Galaga, and Centipede.

Lunch War! is available only on iOS.

If you’re looking for a presskit for the game, click here.