Lunch War! Has Been Approved!

Posted on July 24, 2013 by

Ready for sale

Yesterday, at 6:39 PM, Lunch War! was officially approved for sale on the iOS App Store! Since then, we’ve been emailing press sites to tell them about the game and its release date: Friday, July 26th!

But with that good news, there is some bad news as well. Last week, shortly after we submitted the game to Apple and were gearing up to send it to Google, we discovered some serious lag issues on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Given the phone’s popularity, we have no choice but to delay the Android version until these problems are resolved.

Now, you may be wondering, “Matt, how did you only just find out that it’s lagging on the Galaxy S3?” Well, the answer is that I didn’t have an S3 to test on; this whole time I’ve been doing Android testing on a Nexus 7. The only reason we found out now was because JP and I asked our friend to come over with his phone so that we could use it to take screenshots. So while this thoroughly sucks, at least we found out last week instead of after releasing it, because that would have been the worst.

So to sum things up, I apologize to anyone with an Android device that has to wait a bit longer, but I promise we’ll have it out to you guys as soon as possible! And to everyone with iDevices: get ready to throw some apples on Friday!