Lunch War! Has Been Approved!

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Ready for sale

Yesterday, at 6:39 PM, Lunch War! was officially approved for sale on the iOS App Store! Since then, we’ve been emailing press sites to tell them about the game and its release date: Friday, July 26th!

But with that good news, there is some bad news as well. Last week, shortly after we submitted the game to Apple and were gearing up to send it to Google, we discovered some serious lag issues on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Given the phone’s popularity, we have no choice but to delay the Android version until these problems are resolved.

Now, you may be wondering, “Matt, how did you only just find out that it’s lagging on the Galaxy S3?” Well, the answer is that I didn’t have an S3 to test on; this whole time I’ve been doing Android testing on a Nexus 7. The only reason we found out now was because JP and I asked our friend to come over with his phone so that we could use it to take screenshots. So while this thoroughly sucks, at least we found out last week instead of after releasing it, because that would have been the worst.

So to sum things up, I apologize to anyone with an Android device that has to wait a bit longer, but I promise we’ll have it out to you guys as soon as possible! And to everyone with iDevices: get ready to throw some apples on Friday!


Lunch War Submitted!

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Finally! Lunch War!  has been submitted to Apple. It is now in their capable hands to approve the game for sale on the App Store. Now, off to make a launch trailer, off to contact press sites, and off to order many, many celebratory pizzas.

P.S. We’re taking Checkin’ In off the burner for the foreseeable future, as we’re going to have a lot of other stuff to post about in the coming months: college, how Lunch War is doing, updates/a new game… it’ll be like we’re checkin’ in every day!

P.P.S. Our game Lunch War has been renamed to Lunch War! or Lunch War!  if you’re fancy. The added exclamation point is necessary to properly convey just how pumped we are for it to be released.


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Checkin’ In #6

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Checkin' In #3

Now that Lunch War is mostly sound on both platforms, what’s next? Three things:

  • Making a launch trailer.
  • Submitting the game to Apple and, as soon as it’s definitely up to par with the Apple version, to Google as well.
  • Contacting press sites.

So, pretty soon Lunch War will be submitted to Apple for review, and then to Google soon after. The whole process should take about ten days at most on their end. While both companies are reviewing Lunch War for their respective marketplaces, we’ll be working on the trailer. Once both companies approve Lunch War, we’ll decide on an exact release date, and then on that day we’ll put up the launch trailer and send it, along with the press kit, to any and all sites that might be interested in some lunch lady-themed mobile madness.


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So, we went to TooManyGames and it was pretty alright. Aside from the indie game showcase being, hmm, not optimally laid out to funnel people through it(but the vendor area sure was, weird right?), it was a weekend definitely well spent. We showed the game to a ton of people to the point where our own words sort of started to lose meaning by the end – has it been about a lunch lady this whole time? Wait, she’s throwing apples? It was a weird feeling, but we were probably just exhausted.

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Checkin’ In #5

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Checkin' In #3

Video games in your living room? That’ll never sell!

Hey, speaking of video game conventions and expos, The Automatic Gentlemen will have a booth at TooManyGames, located in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. We’re going to have Lunch War playable on an iPad, a Nexus 7, and an iPhone, and we’ll have posters for sale to cover our steep Taco Bell expenses.

There are going to be a ton of indie games there, so come on down! If you want to stop by and say hello and hang out with other folks who share your affinity for coins and 1-ups, you can find more info on how to do so right here.

As for Lunch War? It is like *this* close to being done. It’s 100% on iOS, but Matt is ironing out some performance issues on Android so it can be silky smooth at launch.


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New Preview!

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Lunch War Header Image

P.J. Stanton of A Wild Podcast Appears wrote up a glowing preview of Lunch War today! Man, nothing like excitement for your game to start the day(except maybe churro-themed cereal).


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Checkin’ In #4

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Checkin' In #3

We’re getting there, I think? Yeah, we’re definitely getting there.

Lunch War’s story mode has been rebuilt and a beta of it has been sent out! We had a brief scare that the game wasn’t running on Android, but that has been for the most part sorted out, thankfully. I’m doing gameplay balancing and JP is putting some finishing touches on the sprites to make sure they scale well on all devices.

After that, we have a survival mode beta to send out, a launch trailer to make, and press sites to contact.


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Beta Testing

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Lunch War Header Image

We’re starting beta testing for Lunch War tomorrow!

If you’d like an exclusive first look mega-chance at playing Lunch War for hours on end to find bugs, then you can sign up using this link. After signing up, if you don’t get an approval email from Test Flight afterwards, it means we’ve hit capacity on all devices that we need to beta test on.

Once you’ve downloaded Test Flight on your smartphone/iPod/tablet, we’ll let you know when we have a build of the game up for you to download and play(Saturday evening at the latest).


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Talkin’ Games #1

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Talkin' Games #1

Talkin’ Games is our second post series, where we talk about what games we’ve been playing recently. It is written from a casual or design perspective, rather than as a professional set of reviews.


JP: Vlambeer is the company behind Ridiculous Fishing. They’re these two cool guys from the Netherlands who’ve made some pretty rad stuff. I first heard about them when Joystiq just would not stop talking about this mobile game, Super Crate Box; by the time they posted about it for like the seventh time, I broke down and had to buy it. That game ate up all the time I had before classes in the fall of 2011. Waiting in the hall? Super Crate Box. Bathrooming? Super Crate Box.

Now, Ridiculous Fishing. I’ll say even though I really enjoyed my time with it(especially the ending), that time was much shorter just due to there not really being a score-chasing element like in Super Crate Box. But that’s okay, because its jovial music and outstanding graphics make for a really pleasant memory, and one that I’ll think back on for a long time.

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Checkin’ In #3

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Checkin' In #3

This is me right now.

Besides being stunned by Lunch War having an article on Game Informer, it’s made me… psyched out of my mind? Last night when it was first posted, I was definitely shaking; since sleeping on it, that feeling has turned into a steady motivational hum in the back of my mind, and it feels great.

Hey, did I mention before how someone on the Stencyl(the program Lunch War’s made in) forums found a way to significantly reduce lag in his game? It doesn’t look like I’ve brought that up before, so that is now a thing. Matt’s been rebuilding the game using this guy’s tips and it’s been a relief to see that, despite doubling our enemies since PAX,  the game runs a lot more smoothly now than it did a few months ago.

While Matt is working on that, I have the fun task of retooling Lunch War’s survival mode. Until now, it’s just been ten waves of increasing amounts of enemies, but we’ve introduced health and speed modifiers and I need to find out how those get along, in terms of game balance, with our new PAX-updated enemy numbers and controls.

There also are some announcer voice-overs that we recorded and might insert in an endearing “Wise Fwom Your Gwave” way, but that also depends on how well it fits in with the rest of the game. We will see!

Our post on the mobile games we’ve been playing is coming on Friday!


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