PAX East 2013

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Man, PAX East 2013 came and went like *that*. One moment, Matt and I(and some friends) were driving up there listening to some stand-up, and the next moment we’re somberly driving back, listening to some more stand-up, our chuckles tinged with nostalgia for the people and panels of PAX.

When we went last year, it was as mere students, naive enough to stand in ridiculous demo lines and only chatting up a few familiar faces. This year, we came equipped with Lunch War, as ambassadors of our foolish dream: to not get lost in the sea of freemium social games and poorly-localized clones available on the App Store. We had a site up, business cards made, and three-day passes bought well ahead of time.

Did we do okay? I think we made out okay. We showed Lunch War to many an amiable developer and fellow PAX-goer and caught up with friends made at last year’s convention and this year’s IndieCade East. We got a lot of positive and constructive feedback that we’re eager to put to good use “going forward with the Lunch War brand.”

It was a super great time, and we can’t wait to do it again next year! Hopefully with a booth like this guy.


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