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July 26th, 2013

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Lunch War! is The Automatic Gentlemen's debut game about a lunch lady throwing apples at children for points. Lighthearted, snappy, and filled with the upbeat music of chiptune artist FantomenK, it has all the fun of the arcade but with 90% less of the quarter-munching. Tie your apron and start pelting that produce, because you're in for a real... Lunch War!


Lunch War! started as a project in Matt and JP's Game Design Theory & Culture class in the spring of 2012. The duo was tasked with making a shoot 'em up in an original setting, so why not the farthest thing from spaceships and aliens? After handing the first level of the game in as their final, Matt and JP formed The Automatic Gentlemen, LLC and got to work on a mobile version of what was then to be called "Cafe Cray." Fast forward to December of 2012, and Lunch War! is about to launch with poor controls and crippling performance issues. "It was basically our Daikatana," JP would later recall. The pair agreed not to release Lunch War! in its wounded gazelle state, and buckled down for another six months of development alongside their classes. In the first half of 2013, Matt and JP took Lunch War! with them to IndieCade East, PAX East, Twofivesix, and TooManyGames, amassing a huge amount of feedback from game designers and enthusiasts alike. Finally, in July of 2013, with much improved performance and controls, Lunch War! launched on iOS. After that point the studio's focus shifted onto the planned Android version, but overtime it became clear that this would not be achievable with the engine being used, and so the Android version was unfortunately cancelled.


  • Painstakingly crisp pixel art.
  • Intense cafeteria-based gameplay.
  • Classic arcade mechanics updated for a new generation (of lunch ladies).
  • Seriously amazing chiptunes by Swedish music ninja FantomenK.


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Dev Video/First LookYouTube


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  • "Lunch War Is An Homage To Atari Greats (With Better Music)"
    - Mike Futter, Game Informer

FantomenK's Music
Available for purchase on iTunes: itunes.apple.com.

FantomenK's Facebook Page

About The Automatic Gentlemen

The Automatic Gentlemen is an independent game studio based in New Jersey, composed of Matt Guido and John-Paul Yunque.

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Lunch War! Credits

Matt Guido
Programming & Design, The Automatic Gentlemen

John-Paul Yunque
Art & Design, The Automatic Gentlemen

Chiptune Artist, Collaborator

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks