Lunch War Submitted!

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Finally! Lunch War!  has been submitted to Apple. It is now in their capable hands to approve the game for sale on the App Store. Now, off to make a launch trailer, off to contact press sites, and off to order many, many celebratory pizzas.

P.S. We’re taking Checkin’ In off the burner for the foreseeable future, as we’re going to have a lot of other stuff to post about in the coming months: college, how Lunch War is doing, updates/a new game… it’ll be like we’re checkin’ in every day!

P.P.S. Our game Lunch War has been renamed to Lunch War! or Lunch War!  if you’re fancy. The added exclamation point is necessary to properly convey just how pumped we are for it to be released.


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Checkin’ In #6

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Checkin' In #3

Now that Lunch War is mostly sound on both platforms, what’s next? Three things:

  • Making a launch trailer.
  • Submitting the game to Apple and, as soon as it’s definitely up to par with the Apple version, to Google as well.
  • Contacting press sites.

So, pretty soon Lunch War will be submitted to Apple for review, and then to Google soon after. The whole process should take about ten days at most on their end. While both companies are reviewing Lunch War for their respective marketplaces, we’ll be working on the trailer. Once both companies approve Lunch War, we’ll decide on an exact release date, and then on that day we’ll put up the launch trailer and send it, along with the press kit, to any and all sites that might be interested in some lunch lady-themed mobile madness.


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New Preview!

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Lunch War Header Image

P.J. Stanton of A Wild Podcast Appears wrote up a glowing preview of Lunch War today! Man, nothing like excitement for your game to start the day(except maybe churro-themed cereal).


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