Talkin’ Games #1

Posted on May 17, 2013 by 0 Comments

Talkin' Games #1

Talkin’ Games is our second post series, where we talk about what games we’ve been playing recently. It is written from a casual or design perspective, rather than as a professional set of reviews.


JP: Vlambeer is the company behind Ridiculous Fishing. They’re these two cool guys from the Netherlands who’ve made some pretty rad stuff. I first heard about them when Joystiq just would not stop talking about this mobile game, Super Crate Box; by the time they posted about it for like the seventh time, I broke down and had to buy it. That game ate up all the time I had before classes in the fall of 2011. Waiting in the hall? Super Crate Box. Bathrooming? Super Crate Box.

Now, Ridiculous Fishing. I’ll say even though I really enjoyed my time with it(especially the ending), that time was much shorter just due to there not really being a score-chasing element like in Super Crate Box. But that’s okay, because its jovial music and outstanding graphics make for a really pleasant memory, and one that I’ll think back on for a long time.

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