This Is A Blog Post, Hello

Posted on March 15, 2013 by

Alright, sorry, I’ll never make a title that bad again.

Well hey, welcome! This is the first of many blog posts that Matt or I will be making on here chronicling all the adventures, downfalls, and phoenix-like rebirths of The Automatic Gentlemen.

Which is, hey also, our company! We formed this partnership(we had a guy draw up a document for it and everything, it’s great) to try and make games together, so if we make a bunch and people like them, it’ll all be detailed on this site.

…and if we don’t make a bunch and the ones we do end up making are terrible? Well, that’ll be on here too, like a cautionary tale: “Children, gather around and let me tell you about two small boys who made frequent Wawa runs and deluded themselves into thinking making pixel art mobile games was a good idea.”

So that’s that for now, more posts coming soon! In the meantime, let us tell you a bit about ourselves.