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So, we went to TooManyGames and it was pretty alright. Aside from the indie game showcase being, hmm, not optimally laid out to funnel people through it(but the vendor area sure was, weird right?), it was a weekend definitely well spent. We showed the game to a ton of people to the point where our own words sort of started to lose meaning by the end – has it been about a lunch lady this whole time? Wait, she’s throwing apples? It was a weird feeling, but we were probably just exhausted.

We sold some posters, had nice booth neighbors, ran out of business cards, and attended our first convention as an actual company. Was it a good convention? Yeah, it was alright; there were arcade games on free play that I tried out whenever I could tear myself away from the booth. Have you guys played Gyruss? I hadn’t, before TooManyGames; it’s like Galaga but you’re rotating your ship around all of the enemies instead of only being below them. Oh, and hey Robotron is a lot more fun when you don’t have to worry about quarters(it’s tough, but man those sound effects are the tops).

The actual act of showing off Lunch War – this project we’ve been working on for so long, that experience itself was strange. There was a big contrast between the people that were seeing and enjoying it for the first time and me in the back of my mind thinking, “How is this not out yet,” but I guess that just comes from having worked on it for much longer than we expected to. In a good way, though; the Lunch War we were showing to people at TooManyGames is a lot better than the one we were planning to launch back in December.

Well, soon enough it’ll be out in the wild and then Matt and I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief, stop by Wawa, and queue up some bad scary movies on Netflix.


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