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We went to the Twofivesix conference in Brooklyn on Saturday! It was hosted by Jamin Warren of Kill Screen and featured a number of excellent talks on how games intersect with other industries.  There was food, there were spry, young entrepreneurs, and there were many, many people wearing plaid shirts and sporting beards.

While there, we talked to as many developers and decent folk as we could and had a great time doing so, even if sometimes we probably came off like awkward little ducklings.

The biggest thing we took away from Twofivesix is that there are people who work in other fields who see where gaming is going and are excited about it. The enthusiasm and know-how shown by the speakers was really a relief in a way; it can sometimes feel like even though games are a booming, billion dollar industry that people immediately outside of it think it’s strange or just big, dumb, and loud.

So it’s good to have events like this that allow games to say, “Hey, we’re not all about headshots,” and for the world to respond, “We know.”


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